People line up for miles for a spectacle.  But they are very sober about who they follow and why.  Leadership or authority is not courted, it is earned by those who are talented and those who work.  It is almost a type of parenting -- carefully positioned, clear to even the simplest people and either embracing or cheering forward.  There are also those that role model traits that we admire or don't agree with, but have unequaled success or notoriety.  Those that are successful within a system and those who are successful outside of it are watched.  On the wrong side, leadership acknowledgement is demanded by those who have nothing better to do but bully others and maintain Bullydom.

What kind of leader are you?  Perhaps you don't know because it is a subtle trait that only a few  recognize.  Are you a parent or teacher?  Are you an innovator of new options?  Are you a draw for attention or admiration?  Your positive authority and leadership will be a combination of learned and innate abilities with what drives you, in play with the example and role model you are to others.  That push-pull of what you want to do and don't, with what others think and want to do and don't is most of what makes conscious life go.  Behind all that is the unconscious framework of a greater balance or imbalance of history, of continuity, of what motivates us to live to a future.  The natural chaos of things building, blowing up, and subsiding enables balance to grow and be dynamic.  As a leader, your ability to surf, cope, adapt and fight amidst change is how your identity grows one direction vs. another.  Because some battles you win and others you lose and learn from.  Ultimately winning or leading is that you survived all, and lived to make it to the next challenge.  Authority or expertise is gained by having a deep knowing that is yours.  What kind of outer leader are you?

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