LOCATION:  3 inches from the base of spine
COLORS: Peaches to Oranges to Dark Rust
DENOTES: Fertility, Gonads, masculine & feminine chemistry, connection, investment
CORRESPONDING CENTER: Higher mind wisdom

What do you want to be the base of power in the universe?  You have an investment in co-creating what you want, what you care about, what you believe in, and what you want to invent here.  You need to find partners

to co-create with at various levels.  That is the basis of intention creation.

Within Intention Creation and in you are the interests of (pro)creation.  Who do you care about, who do you love, who are you passionate about, and who do you want as a life companion?  Friendship is a means of sharing experiences and trust.  Companion creation is a beautiful dance of what do you think, what does the other think, go your way, go their way.  And the dance is straight forward or exquisite depending on what you both decide.

And outside Intention Creation is the mystery of how we got here. From what and how did we evolve into being?  Is nature powerful, benevolent or whimsical? How do we control nature and how do we facilitate it?  Within you is your part of the key to nature. Consult it.  Refer to your interactions with others to gage what you are co-creating.



Samantha Self invited Thad Self to the swings because she needed time to recollect herself, and she didn't know what to say.  Thad Conscious Awareness said, "No, I'm too old for that.  Those are for kids.  I'll sit there on the bench."  Samantha Conscious Awareness said, "I'm not that young!  I needed to go do something to refocus, but I don't want you to leave, some."  Thad Conscious Awareness and Soul said, "I'll stay for a while.  I live over there in that house with my parents.  You can ring the bell and ask for me.  My folks are fine."  Samantha Mind said, "Okay, I will let my Mom know.  We live a few blocks away.  I need to swing to unclog my mind. Stay around if you can or I will ring you later."  "Sounds fine," Thad Self said.  Samantha Self went to swing, and Thad watched her.  She wasn't sure if she could get time for herself. Then he started to pay attention to the leaves and rocks on the ground.  He kicked them into different shapes.  Samantha Self relaxed and paid attention to swinging.  She started to think he was nice and realized he might hear her. He looked up and smiled.  "We are fine," Thad Self said.  Samantha Self kept swinging.  Thad Self left to the house he lived in.

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