Exploring Chicago's Museums!



the many benefits of living in a Chicago
, your proximity to the numerous Chicago museums is one of the best.  Check out some of Chicago's most popular
museums this summer and let us know which are your favorites.

The Adler Planetarium
Made up of more than 400,000 unique images the Galaxy Wall at the Adler
Planetarium stretches for more than 140-feet. It's the most complete view of
the Milky Way Galaxy ever made and it's just one of the exhibits at the museum.
The Adler also features a number of permanent installations like the "Shoot for
the Moon". This exhibit tells the story of man's journey to the moon beginning
with the Gemini missions. 

The Art Institute of Chicago
As one of the United States' finest galleries, The Art Institute of Chicago
currently houses some 20 different exhibits. Featuring June Wayne's Narrative
Tapestries, Tidal Waves, DNA, and the Cosmos, Wayne brings an ancient medium to
the 20th century with new ideas. This display connects 11 of the meticulously
crafted tapestries together for audiences to enjoy.

Museum of Science & Industry
Home of the only captured German
U-Boat on US Soil, the Museum of Science and Industry gives visitors a chance
to reach out and touch a real piece history from WWII. In the Genetics and Baby
Chick Hatchery guests can explore different parts of a 3-D human genome while they
watch baby chicks break out of their shells and experience life outside of the
egg for the first time.

Field Museum
At the Field Musuem you will get your chance to meet Sue - an unassuming
67-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex. The permanent home of the worlds
"largest, most complete, and best" T-Rex ever discovered has called Chicago
home since 2000. The Field Museum also just opened a new exhibit called "The
Horse". Exploring mankind's relationship with the animal that has influenced
nearly every part of humankind's expansion through domestication and breeding.
The Horse exhibit will run until August 14, 2011.

Shedd Aquarium
One of the most exciting parts about the
Shedd Aquarium is the Holiday Fantasea show featuring the Beluga whales. Just
over a year ago the Belugas welcomed a baby Beluga into the world named Nunavik
-- the fifth successful Beluga birth at the facility. Another one of the
aquarium's greatest features is its 90,000-gallon circular environment that
houses sharks, giant sea turtles and rays among other fish.

Museum of Contemporary Art
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago boasts an exhibition that truly
reaches out and interacts with visitors. Artists from all around Chicago
participate in the Museum's event to inspire visitors and get them involved in
the contemporary art movement. The Interactions:
A four month series of Artist and
Audience Activations
will feature Amber Ginsburg and Lia Roussett's: Viewing Soundscapes: Tapping the Audience
where audience members will be invited to wear tap shoes as they wander the
museum --unleashing the sound of art viewing like it's never been done before.

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