Radio that feature House music to get you through the day

I don't know about you, but music makes the world go 'round for everybody. No matter what genre you are into, it seems that it gets you through the day, or even night.

Right now, I am actually listening to 5 Magazine Radio Show, an online radio show hosted by 5 Magazine editor Czarina Mirani and Rees Urban, who also spin music in Chicago's vibrant House music scene. House is my FAVORITE type of genre out there, especially Chicago House, where it all began.
Another program that I often listen to is the Deep House Cat Show which is a podcast you can download from Itunes. This podcast features a new set of House music every week.
These two shows will get you through those boring chores, or your daily workouts, or during your time unwinding with a glass of wine after coming home from a long day at work.
It's really important to relieve your every day stress through positive coping mechanisms, and this is one way, listening to good music. In this case really really good House music.
Check out 5 Magazine Radio Show here.
Happy listening!

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