Oh Only in Chicago


What would make one interested in Chicago?
The architecture, the food, the people?

There are so many things that characterize a city, but so few that are strictly linked to it.
Chicago, everyone knows it's the Windy City, what is there other than that?

The architecture is surely impressive and is worthy being seen. One of the easiest and fastest and cheapest way to catch a glimpse of the architecture and the neighborhood is the El. Red, brown, green lines. Why not just jump off at stops and take a closer look at the architecture.
Of course another way would be just to go on an architecture tour, that would definitely give a more in depth perspective of the buildings that put up the basis of architectural development in Chicago.

One of the most popular being The Willis Tower (formerly known as The Sears Tower) and the tallest building in the world in 1974. For those who have no heart problems, the 103rd floor glass balconies would be the place to enjoy the view from.

You can grab a taxi everywhere, in Chicago you can grab a water taxi, that will take you to Chinatown. This should be one of the places to visit and a great place to buy souvenirs.
Other way to see the buildings, would be just driving around and of course driving along LSD on a sunny day.

A great relaxation point, with amazing scenery, would be the parks, I'm not talking about the Central Park but about the Humboldt Park, which is very amazing.
Or maybe just sitting at North Ave. beach on a bench, watching the passing by people.
Watching the fireworks at Navy Pier on a Wednesday or Saturday night, and why not?

Chicagoans are passionate about food.
Most visitors would be familiar with Chicago's deep dish pizzas and condiment-rich beef hot dogs, but there are far more specialties unique to this food-loving city.

A very Chicago thing is Hot Doug's or any hotdog stand.
Something very special and unique, characteristic to this region is a Puerto Rican inspired sandwich invented right here in Chicago... the Jibarito.
On a beautiful sunny day, a nice thing to do would be having a mid day cocktail at Hancock, but make sure to grab a seat by the window to enjoy the city view.

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