That mom.....

Have you ever met that mom? You know the one that has the most well behaved kids. She has the kids who are perfectly dressed and she is as well. And you just know that her house is spotless and that when she makes dinner its perfect. And she never discovers her kids have dirty faces once she puts them in the car. She never opens snacks in the grocery store BEFORE she buys them to stop whining children. She is always on time. She never forgets a dentist or doctors appointment and she works hard on the PTA. She always has time and is never rushed.

That is the kind of mom I always wanted to be. But here is the mom I am ( and I am learning to proud of it) My kids often misbehave in public places. They LOVE to dress themselves and often don't match. And I don't care, it makes them happy! I always have something on my shirt or in my hair. Sometimes I feed my kids frozen waffles for dinner, but they are whole wheat. 6 out 7 times I discover someone has something sticky in their hair or on their face. And I usually have no idea where it came from. I said I would never open snacks in the store to quiet my kids. All I can say is never say never.

With the birth of each of my kids I have begun to arrive later and later to church. I am afraid that if we had one or two more I would get there just in time for the closing prayer. I forget appointments ALL the time. I need reminder calls for everything. I consider it a good day when I don't forget one of the kids. I would love to be the class mom or on the PTA but can't possibly squeeze it in right now. I am always in a hurry, I break out in a sweat just loading the kids in the car.

The kind of mom I became is one who suffers with a panic disorder. I bake to relax. But I love my kids and love to spend time with them. I love to play crazy messy fun games with them. I think they are brilliant and funny. They are all going to become doctors/lawyers/missionaries/pilots/ whatever they want because they are so stinkin' smart! I love to take them places they have never been and watch them discover new things. Taking them to church, dirty faces and all makes me happy. I may not be the mom I said I wanted to be but I am the kind of mom my kids need. I am not perfect and flawed. But that's fine with me.

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