I have discovered a new- must have for all parents.

A bull horn!

Right now, all I have is a mega-phone but I am continually committing a sin by daily going online to to covet the diaper bag sized bull horn I want. It has a siren plus a microphone. I want one BAD!

I use my mega- phone at the pool when my children have swum too far away or are fighting and ignoring me. I give them a 5 minute warning via the mega phone when we are about to leave the pool.

Also if we are at the beach and they have drifted to far down the beach. I just reach for my "cone of authority" (that's what I've named it) and tell them to get out and back up, so they are once again back in front of me.

In the van I can correct them with my mega phone. No need to shout-not that I EVER do that.

When we are out running errands and finally arrive home, a simple use of my mega phone reminds the kids to grab all of their belongings before getting out of the van.

Eric is a little embarrassed by my use/love of my mega phone, even though he has used it too. He won't admit that it is beyond handy, it is a must have!

I intend to suggest that all of my friends who are currently pregnant to put a bull horn on their baby registry. In fact it could be used by their labor coaches during those moments of labor when you are certain you can't go on. I quick pep talk via the bull horn is sure to get you motivated again.

I certainly could have used one when our kids were infants and Eric would pretend to be sleeping while they were crying in the middle of the night. I could have easily said into the mega-phone "Eric its your turn!" I am sure that would have got him out of bed...

The uses seem to be endless.

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