I have decided to move to another country.

Some place tribal ...

One where clothes are not required and no one will mind the that my "naked dress" is a little wrinkled.

I am so sick of laundry.

I do 2-3 loads a day but it is hit or miss as to whether I get it all folded and put away.

Yesterday was a miss. I have about 5 loads in my room right now and it is as tall as my bed!!!

For South Carolina that is about the height required to classify something as a mountain.

Mount. Spatz' underwear.

Its the eighth wonder of the world.

One time I was so tired, you know the kind of mommy tired that says if you don't sleep now you WILL die.

I didn't even move the clothes off the bed I just slept under them.

That is just sad.

Why is there so much?

Why doesn't it end?

Once I do get it all folded and put away it takes one round of baths and showers to create another two loads. And don't even get me started on summer laundry. Beach towels, blankets, bathing suits. Its endless ...

And what is it with little girls who change their clothes constantly? If I let Autumn she would change clothes for every meal, cartoon and trip up the stairs.

The boys on the other hand can't remember when they last changed their clothes. My boys are not even sure if underwear is necessary.

Eric loves the smell of a new towel for every shower, even though I have asked him nicely over and over again to just hang up his towel and it will be just lovely for the next shower. This seems to be an impossible task. He makes just as much laundry alone as the kids do combined.

Its madness.

When I get to heaven I hope it a nudist colony.

My paradise does not involve laundry.

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