Meet the Family

Lets start with who I am. My name Erin unless I am in big trouble then most people say ERRRRIIIIN! 

A lifetime ago I was a Orthodontic Clinician and loved it, I am slightly crazy about teeth and now work in retail for the flexibility. I am mom to four kids and most days I love it. Other days I dream of running away, but fear that since I have no time to exercise, the children would just run me down and drag me back. So I make an effort to choose joy.

I am a daily suffer of panic and anxiety attacks. They greet me every morning and I must bulldoze my way through them in order to get the kids off to school, sometimes through tears. Which always makes me feel guilty about what damage I must be causing to them. I am thinking instead of saving for college I should start saving for therapy.

My husband Eric can often be referred to as a saint. Though he is not without flaws. He has quirks that make me happy. He has pants that are only for Saturday and WILL NOT wear them any other day. He saves the best looking chip for last and the cookie with the most chocolate chips for last as well. His driving is risky and I often say I risk my life to ride with him. I have never and will never doubt his love for me, but I have wondered if he wishes he knew in advance what he was getting into when he agreed to "for better or for worse". I believe he still would have join this crazy party, but maybe he would have taken a class in preparation for me. 

Maybe one offered by the Red Cross on disasters.

Lets meet the kids ...

Dylan is almost 10, and I know all parents feel like their kids are brilliant but really he is! He is thoughtful, serious and literal. He loves kind words and to snuggle. He is very black and white, a quality he gets from me. Rules are rules and that's that for him. There is no in between. He is so far the only one of my children who has taken my breathe away with worry and the one who I continue to worry about in all things. Even though he is more than capable he still is my baby and always will be. He has promised to never move out and I intend to hold him to that.

Autumn is 7, when I gave birth to Autumn I gave birth to the tiny Queenie version of myself. She is shy and funny rolled into drama. She feels deeply and recovers quickly. She is fresh and ornery at the same time. She can drive you nuts and crack you up. She is both maternal and bossy which I believe is all that is required to make a good mom. When she is mad at her brothers she'll scratch them and stick her tongue at them. Such a girl thing to do!

Denver almost 5  what can I say about the most charming man in my life? He can flush more things down the toilet than anyone thought possible. He has colored on more surfaces than I knew I owned. He has baby powdered every surface downstairs and has on more than on occasion licked a plunger. And yet he will smile his charming smile and blink his brown eyes and melt my heart once again...... which is what saves his life daily!

Chandler is 2, she is the sweet happy baby of the bunch. She has already began to boss those around her and dance to when the music gets her. She is picky about who holds her, sorry blond's but she prefers dark hair and will let you know! She is the only one of my babies to suck her thumb and every time I see her do this it makes me fall in love with her all over again. She can burp on command and thinks this is hysterical, I laugh in secret at this weird talent she has. Her nickname is Tweety Bird, mostly because her eyes and eyelashes are the most profound feature she has, plus her volume is in great disproportion to her size.

That is my lovely family in a nut shell. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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