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Children's behavior has meaning. This is true even when it might not seem so. As a child psychotherapist, my goal is to help children make meaning of their experiences in order to work through what troubles them. I also hope to help parents better understand their children and, in turn, perhaps feel more confident in their parenting.

The terms "therapy" or "psychotherapy" and "counseling" are sometimes used synonymously. I am a psychotherapist with a doctoral degree in clinical social work. My advanced clinical training was based on the principles of psychodynamic psychology. My philosophy is that all behavior has meaning. Children's behavior is a window into their internal world. Getting to the root of what is happening internally for a children is key to effecting behavior change.

I work one on one with children and families in Chicago. The children and parents I see are all very insightful and ask great questions. We talk about these questions as well as explore various issues during our sessions and the families report that this is very helpful. My thought was that if these bits and pieces of information about children's behaviors, child development, relationships, parenting, etc. are useful to the families with whom I work, perhaps they might also be helpful to others.

My posts are not designed to provide professional advice or serve as a replacement for psychotherapy but to shed some light on child development, children's issues, and parenting. Care has been taken in the preparation of information for these posts. They are based on my knowledge, training, and clinical experience. Other opinions and perspectives may exist and the information I provide may not be exhaustive. If you have a specific concern about your child, direct consultation with a professional should be sought.

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Denise Duval, PhD, LCSW

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