Are you broke in Chicago?

Hello everyone!  My name is Nichole, and I just graduated from school with my Masters in NursingJ  Although, now with reality finally sinking in with loans, rent, saving, etc. I'm definitely as broke as an unfunny joke.  I realized I have only about 5-10, sometimes 20 dollars average I can spend on fun over any given weekend.  I soon realized I needed to find some serious cheap fun.  So what is a 26 yr. old, who loves to spend time doing outdoor activities, eating good food, and buying expensive shoes supposed to do?  Hmmm...Well, surprisingly after some hit and miss weekends trying to find fun, I realized there is actually a lot of cheap and/or free things to do in this city.  From amazing farmers markets, where you can eat fresh food on a budget, to when you can actually visit some of Chicago's amazing museums for FREE!! 


My goal for my upcoming blogs is to give you a sneak peak at doing Chicago on a tight budget. I plan to use every Sat as an experimental day using only 20 dollars to eat 2 meals, do a fun activity, and have enough money by the end of the day to hopefully get home.  Hope you can come and read up on my adventures!! Also any suggestions on where to go or what to do would be wonderful!  Bon appetit!

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