Where the dating energy spikes

Though the answer to the question, where to find a date on the weekend? Won't be too fascinating, it will still be clubs and bars. It remains to be one of the most popular places to find a date, even in this era of technological progress.


Too bad the ghost tracking devices from the movie "Ghost Busters" can not be used to find the energy congestion's in Chicago, there is still the "magical" power of internet, so what nightlife scene will it lead us to?

There is no nightlife without a few drinks and some food.
So to set up the starting point, the choice would fall onto restaurants or bars.

"Charlie Trotter's" of chef Charlie Trotter, Chicago's first celebrity chef, the food is based upon the usage of  organic or free-range products (so you don't have to worry about artificial additives). If you are more of a steak eater, Morton's would be the place to be. While there don't forget to check the people around you. You might not be the single one on a hunting spree. Why not visit "mk" it's popularity is definitely thanks to the reputation it has gained through years. If all that you want is chicken wings, burgers and fries with some beer than "Toon's Bar" will be the place to be.

If the starting point wasn't that successful and you are still single, why not grab a few drinks. If you are a wine lover, why not try "Bin 36", they also have classes to help you impress your future date with your wine knowledge.
Music is definitely a great mood setter, why not have the drinks at Funky Buddha Lounge, located west of the River North gallery district, this club blends in with its industrial surroundings. Don't turn down an invitation when one of the person from that eclectic crowd, offers to have a drink together. If the Buddha at the entrance, isn't that appealing to you, try Signature Lounge, where you can add a fabulous view to other features they provide.  

Time to burn the calories down and to let the inner tiger loose.
Transit, Berlin, Exit, Mystic, Howl at the Moon etc. which one would it be tonight?
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
After the handsome guy we go!


Whether it's the stranger sitting at one of the neighbor tables at the restaurant, or the handsome or pretty lady at the bar, checking you out, why not open up and be the one to make the first move together with the one to opt out of the 921,000 of singles that inhabit Chicago.

Make tonight the beginning of a beautiful romance.

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