The benefits of Telephone Triage

There will always be situations in which people need medical advice but cannot get in to see or get in contact with a doctor. This might be due to living in a rural area, having no automobile, living without insurance, or simply having a problem during the middle of the night. A nurse telephone triage service has become increasingly popular in all of these scenarios. With this type of service, people can get answers or advice for health issues, some serious and some minor.


Telephone triage centers are also helping to reduce unneccessary trips to the emergency room and are helping to solve the over-crowding issues and wait times associated with a trip to the emergency room.

With new technology, call center services such as this have improved the lives of many people. With 24-hour assistance, individuals have a means of getting information or advice from a registered nurse any time of day. With a nurse telephone triage service, a person with a concern could call at 3:00 in the morning and get the assistance needed so an informed decision could be made whether to wait and see a doctor in the morning or head directly to the emergency room.


The type of equipment used with a nurse triage service is high tech.  For instance, these systmes provide nurses with access to all kids of protocol sets and medical information so that they can provide the patient with the best and most updated information available.   Although this type of service is manned by highly professional and trained registered nurses, there will be times when even they need to gain better insight and with the equipment used, they can.   The benfit is that a service like this creates an opportunity for nurses to help people with medical problems that might otherwise never get the care needed.  


A nurse telephone triage service is also highly beneficial to doctors.  After working long hours during the day and possibly spending time in the evening at the hospital making rounds, they need down time like everyone else does.  having a nurse triage service allows physicians to take a break because the registered nurses are able to direct the patient to the appropiate level of care and offer medical advice in many medical situations.  Rather than the doctor using a standard type of medical answering service, which means phone calls or pages during the middle of the night, the nurse handles a lot of inquiries and only contacts the physician if absolutely necessary. 


Obviously, from the patient's perspective, having someone to call when the babay is crying and running a fever, knowing how to treat a minor injury, or being provided with advice on when to seek emergency treatment brings peace of mind.  The healthcare industry has many challenges in today's world but with the aid of a nurse telephone triage service; solutions are moving in the right direction.  Even though these nurses are not doctors and cannot provide answers in all situations, nurse triage services have made a positive impact. 


CareLink is a 24 hour telephone triage service and physician referral line located in the Chicagoland area. 


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