Accessorize Like a Pro!

Everyone likes being surrounded by things that they love. The accessories you choose to complement your home furnishings can personalize your space and bring it to life and you don't need an interior design degree to get great-looking results! Check out these tips for adding color, texture and dimension to your favorite room.

Like getting dressed in the morning ... Think of accessorizing a room like accessorizing an outfit. You would never wear all of your jewelry at once! Displaying too many items in a room creates a cluttered look and will take away from the effect you are trying to create.

Liven it up with color and texture! Accessories are a great way to introduce bold colors that you love, but might not want to feature, or commit to long-term, in your room. Also, bring together items of different textures, combining shiny surfaces with flat ones or hard objects with softer ones.

Arranging your accessories. Arrange your accessories in groups, rather than spreading them around the room evenly. Arrangements of 3 or 5 work best. Consider the visual weight and height of an object when determining its placement. A balanced variety of height and weight in a grouping adds visual interest.

Conquer that blank wall! Combine pictures and objects of assorted sizes, balancing the visual weight of your arrangement. Before hammering nails in the wall, arrange the pieces on the floor and find your favorite combination. Let the shape of your walls influence the arrangement. Also, make sure that you do not hang your pictures or artwork too high, or they may appear disconnected from the rest of the room.

Add Dimension. A framed mirror is a great alternative to artwork and can add dimension and space to your room. Place mirrors so that they reflect something beautiful.

Don't forget the floor. Turn an ordinary space from dull to "designer" with a rug that features an unexpected motif, pattern or splash of color. Area rugs can define a seating arrangement in a large room by creating an intimate and inviting space.

Mix it Up! Consider seasonal accessories to keep your look updated and fresh. Change your floral arrangements to reflect the season, or lighten up your accessories as the weather gets warmer. But most importantly ... have fun!

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