36 Truly Regrettable Tattoos

Tattoos have always been a way people have chosen to express themselves. Sadly though, some people choose to decorate their skin in this permanent way without fully thinking it through first -- or checking the spelling and grammar. Thankfully, today there are tattoo removal options, and we have to wonder how many of these people will later feel the regret (that they certainly should) and book a laser tattoo removal appointment.


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  • Wow, aint that the truth. Why do people do stuff like that?


  • 25 wasn't that bad, 34 was a brand, not a tattoo and 26 looks kinda cute, even with the tat.

  • This photo blog completely makes me re-think my choice to ink my body this winter

  • I don't get the patriots one. Is it supposed to look that poorly drawn??


  • Tattoos and scarification pieces generally mean quite a lot to the people who wear them on their skin, even if they seem funny in your opinion. It's pretty ignorant of you to display and belittle them publicly like this.

    Nice job, Mallory.

  • LOL I actually love the one with Batman and Robin hard core French kissing. I will never understand how people get tattoos that are spelled wrong like the kid with "Only god can juge me"...poor kid but that's what you get when you are not paying attention during the tattoo process.

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