65 Embarrassingly Bad Product Names


We each will buy many products in our lifetime. Many times packaging, marketing and advertising will make a difference in which brand we choose to purchase. However, even before a product is manufactured, wrapped up and shipped out, it has to have a name. The moment the product is given a name, a crucial marketing decision is made. And sometimes it's a doozy.

In some cases it simply comes down to bad translations, in others it just looks like the marketing department decided to take a risk that didn't pay off. Whatever the reason, these 65 products were very poorly named.

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  • Disgusting = http://tinyurl.com/motherstits

  • What an idiotic article. Didn't you realize that many of those names are not translations at all, but names in another language instead? For example, MEGAPUSSI is a Finnish word meaning "mega bag" or "family bag". Or fagottini? That's Italian for "little purses". You know, there are other countries and languages in the world than the USA and English...

  • In reply to finn:

    Relax, Finn. When taken at face value, these product names are hilarious.

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    I agree! While "Only Puke" might be an asian product, they wrote it in western letters attempting english. Hilar!

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