Ranking the Disney princesses

Everyone loves a Disney Princess. They start out as the underdog, and always prevail, winning the heart of Prince Charming. But some are cooler than others. We decided to call out cheaters like Princess Aurora (who sleeps through most of her own movie).

'The Princess and the Frog' premiere

Weird and fun stuff from all over:


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  • Um...her name is Princess Tiana. The prince's name is Naveen. And it was a pretty good movie.

  • I like. Speaking in broken. Sentences too.

  • Little mermaid is the best after Tinkerbell!!!

  • Dear God, this was linked from the Chicago Tribune's website? Worst. Writing. Ever. When will sorority girls stay away from journalism and stick to the pearl earrings?

  • In reply to BigErn:

    When douchebags stop referring to themselves as "BigErn".

  • In reply to BigErn:

    No. No. No. Ariel had to change who she was in order to be loved. That is neither princess-like nor is it something to hold as a standard. It's a terrible message! (The songs were the best though.)

  • In reply to readingchick:

    I agree. Belle is by far the best to date. She's a clever book-worm and doesn't take BS from both cleft-chinned Frenchmen or the missing link.

  • In reply to readingchick:

    It's called a screen name Jimmy. Sorry I'm not cool enough to use my real full name. But how professional of you, I must say, I've never seen a journalist, err, "community manager" post comments calling out a publication's users. How chivalrous of you to defend your co-worker with such an original retort. But great work in the Red Eye, I'll be sure to read the bar specials and then wipe my butt with the rest.

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