The week in review

Big week here in Life & Style, we welcomed four new bloggers to the site.


Eliza Siep of "Pretty Cheap,"
launched over the weekend, with a goal of keeping Chicagoans looking
good on a low budget. Thus far she has given us a multitude of drugstore discounts and tips on staying pretty after getting caught in the rain.

For the thrift store junkies out there an exciting vintage fashion blog launched, "Second City Secondwear,"
written by Lindsey Reiser. And if you have yet to hop on the vintage
bandwagon, you will after checking out Lindsey's blog. This week she
featured gorgeous vintage couture pieces available throughout Chicago.

The final launch of the week was "The Windy City Rounder,"
a blog for Chicago's gaming community. The blog's author, Chasse
Rehwinkel is a local gambling insider and spent the week sharing his poker adventures, which included playing for charity, as well as giving us his Top 20 fictional gamblers.

Although the "Job Stalker"
is not a new blog to ChicagoNow, we introduced a new "stalker" this
week. Brendan Tripp is the site's newest job stalker, and he's
chronicling his hunt for employment and sharing his tips and tricks along the way.

In other news, we had the first edition of ChicagoNow Radio last Saturday. One of the
featured bloggers on the show was Mariana Swallow, author of the
"Etiquette Bitch" blog. This Saturday Life & Style blogger Eliza Siep of "Pretty Cheap" will be a guest. You can listen to her from 9am - 1pm on WGN 720 this Saturday along with a number of featured bloggers.

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