Send Your Costume Fails and Favorites


Hey Chicagoans, over the next few days you're going to see all sorts of costumes, both awesome (see left) and failures (as on the right. We want to see them.

Email us any costume photos you take and we'll post them in our ChicagoNow photo gallery.

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  • Oh, I know who it is. But it's a guy in a t-shirt. There are worse costumes but that one took barely any effort.

  • Great picture of t-shirt man, by the way. You do notice that he is flicking us all off right?

    If simplicity makes a bad costume, then the worst costume I ever saw was a guy in a robe. Claimed he was "The Dude". Good concept, but according to your requirements, it was a horrible costume, no effort at all. At least the "guy in a t-shirt' accessorized with gloves.

  • In reply to Logan2x:

    Ha, I didn't notice that. It really does add to his charm.

    I kind of like The Dude as a costume, unless he wears a robe to all parties. Guy in a t-shirt is just lame, but the gloves do give him some points.

  • In reply to Logan2x:

    The one on the left is pretty amazing, but I seriously hope this individual is not going to be anywhere near any young children. I certainly wouldn't want to explain that to my three year old.

  • In reply to Logan2x:

    I'll take an effortless costume over an uncreative one anyday, but the one on the right is really seeming like a little of both. If he was intentionally dressed as a tool, however, then it's not bad. The face-shirt logo-stance combo really lends itself well to that idea. And yes the middle finger also speaks volumes.

    The one on the left is ridiculous. Love it. How could you not?

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