Top euphemisms for Patrick Swayze's death


I'm not sure why this is exactly, but it seems that as I've heard people discussing Patrick Swayze's recent death, people mention that he was ill, that his ever-sunny attitude in the face of illness was positively sparkling, and that he has, in fact, died. But, I'm noticing a strange phenomena in which people somehow are reluctant to say "died" or "death" in discussing him. Folks will say he passed on, he went, he crossed over, he left peacefully, or he is gone, but not that he died. I realize that's something we do, but I'm saying it seems like people are going out of their way to not say any form of the word "die" in connection with Swayze. I have no idea why this is. So, thought I'd lovingly offer some additional terms. 1. Patrick Swayze put baby in a corner.

2. He went to the roadhouse in the sky.

3. He had the time of his life.

4. Patrick Swayze: he's like the wind.

5. Ghost, this time for real.

6. Patrick Swayze is waking up in Reno.*

7. He's workin' for the weekend.

8. Little hand says it's time to rock and roll.

got to be one in there somewhere for Red Dawn's "Avenge me!" moment,
and for Too Wong Foo's "princess points" moment, but I'll leave that to
you, readers dear.

*What? Nobody else saw that one?


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  • I know why it is that...

    Some people (including myself) grew so attached to Patrick being alive in such a way we never imagined. And his death kind of states that we would expire too - and sooner than we expect...

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