Oprah event makes Michigan Avenue nostalgia?

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ChicagoNow's Michigan Ave. chalkblog in August. Photo/A.Guth via flickr

Chicago, Oprah and her mega-fans have completely covered Michigan Avenue today and it's quite a thing to behold from the vantage point of the Tribune Tower. I've see some really, really devoted fans out and about this morning, and I can't help but imagine what a memory today will be for Oprah's mega-fans. Which begs the question:

What is your favorite memory of Michigan Avenue?

Is it today's Oprah event? For non-native Chicagoans, did you visit Michigan Avenue on your first day in Chicago to take it all in? Expats, did you drive Michigan Avenue one last time before leaving town with your worldly goods? Was it a particular St. Patrick's Day parade? Another parade? Do you remember shopping the Meg Mile as a child with your grandparents?

Let's hear it. Your best answers will be highlighted in an upcoming post this week.

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