No heels at work?


Stumbled across this post over from Anyguey titled Red Alert: High Heels To Be Banned in The Workplace. The post describes a UK's Trades Union Congress proposal to ban high heels in the workplace. To a nice shoeish girl like yours truly, this is a very discussion-worthy topic.

So! Let us discuss. Heels at work: yay or nay?

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  • Okay, that is maybe the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Clothes are a way that we express ourselves, right? So, what's next -- uniforms??? And seriously, heels make everyone's legs look better, so who exactly has a problem with this??? I -- and my closet full of stilettos -- am appalled and I just won't stand for it!!
    So, in closing, heels at work: YAY!

  • In reply to Brandon:

    I am so with you on this.

  • I once worked in an office were the dress code was business casual. I tried to dress on the dressier side of this, but there was one person- you know there is always one. She insisted on wearing flip flops on occasion. You know the ones that are especially noisy. She was what is known as a "Big Girl" and you could hear her coming from way out in the parking lot with those things on her feet. She would occasionally wear heels and you wouldn't know she was in the building. So if anything gets banned, it should be flip flops. Yes for heels!

  • In reply to BonitaBelle:

    Belle! Totally. Ew, squish, squish.... Flip-flops should go down way before anyone takes a stab at stilettos.

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