Life & Style week in review


Please welcome...
Late this week we welcomed Love In The Time of Foreclosure to ChicagoNow, a very frank and open blog by Stephanie Walker, about her and her husband's experience with debt, foreclosure, finances and, actually, quite a bit of happiness.

Fashion plates
You do know we have a fabulous new street fashion photoblog, too, yes? We do! It's true! Wear Windy City's Monica Dimperio, the street fashion maven, introduced us this week to Chanel half-tint sunglasses. Speaking of fashion, Styled In Chicago joined the ChicagoNow crew at Joey's Brickhouse to watch the Food Fight guys as they took on a local food challenge on the Food Network's Chefs vs. City.

Sexy times
Anna Pulley of Sex & The Windy City did a fabulous "sexciting" link round-up this week which includes the phrases "wants to retire threesomes", "pray before they have sex" and "how-to-not-have-sex-with-prostitutes school"... Um, and boobs were the order of the day on I'm Spiritual, Damnit, at first not in a way anyone could have predicted and then in a discussion about lingerie football

Foodie Love
Prairie Chefs' Sarah Stegner announced Prairie Grass Cafe's burger was named #1 burger by Chicago Magazine. (Speaking of burgers, I watched Kevin Pang's Cheeseburger Show this week as he took on local veggie burgers. Check it out.)

Breath, Body & Balance wished us a happy Yoga Month, and pointed out that it's all Library Card Sign Up Month. Which reminds me, the ever-resourceful Job Stalker schooled us this week with the surprising amount of free assistance libraries offer job seekers

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