Joe Wilson: let's dust off our manners, shall we?

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During Obama's speech this evening, Representative Joe Wilson shouted at the President. Nice. Keep it classy, Wilson. Keep. It. Class-say. Ugh. Joe Wilson, where did you learn your manners? Didn't anyone ever tell you that you catch far more flies with honey than vinegar, or, um, shouting at the President of the United States?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for discourse and expression, and all for standing up for the things in which we believe. Yes. Howevah, shouting like that? Hi, please. So unproductive! So... gauche.
Manners aren't tricky. Being well-mannered is really a matter of
behaving courteously in a given situation. But, I realize such things
are easier said than done for some and so, lucky for Rep. Wilson and
other folks with impulse-control challenges, yours truly happens to be
really into etiquette and social customs as a topic of contemporary discussion, and willing to help.

But, this evening's infraction needs more coaching than I can give in a single post, so lucky for Representative Wilson, eHow has a handy guide which he can reference entitled How to attend a town hall meeting without shouting.
Now, I realize this is a far grander scale than a town hall, yet,
somehow, the rules still seem to apply. As a general rule for one to
file away for future moments of shouting-temptation, try this: don't do
anything in a meeting, lecture or other assembly that you'd cringe to
see a child doing in class. Easy enough, right? We'll see.

Now, let's see how well Rep. Wilson does with his apology for such disruptive behavior.

Updated: Rep. Joe Wilson has issued an apology:

"While I disagree with the president's
statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend
sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility."  

Glad we dusted off those manners and put them back out, front and center.

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  • My family's lived in South Carolina 350 years. I worked in Chicago for nearly three of them. I said yes ma'am and no, sir. My mama never raised a boy to be so downright crude, so disrespectful to anyone in such a prominent position. Say it ain't so, Joe.

  • South Carolina should be ashamed for voting this man into office. There is a related post at

  • Wilson demonstrates how terribly, terribly broken our whole system is: discussion is characterized by inflammatory speech, demonization of opponents, lies and half-truths, silly and inane misrepresentations of issues, and downright disrespect. Can democracy survive our careless and selfish abuse?

  • Sure it was classless. But no more so than virtually every hate-filled vitriolic word that came out of the mouth of you Lefties during the eight years of the previous administrations.

    Calling a man misrepresenting the facts a liar becomes bad style when he's the president. But ad hominems such as Bush was subjected to for eight years are uncivil anywhere, at any time, and directed at any body.

    I agree with Wilson's critics. But most of them are hypocrites.

  • In reply to uisgeachan:

    With all due respect, Uisgeachan, I never stated my political affiliation.

  • In reply to uisgeachan:

    Joe, It's classier to leave before you're asked to go.

  • In reply to uisgeachan:

    So the guy yelled at the president. There was a time in American politics where people were willing to to go great lengths to defend their opinions. Remember Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton? Shit, they shot each other!

  • Respect has to be earned. It cannot be demanded. Obama has done nothing to earn America's respect or Joe's respect. I admire Joe for standing up to a man who is lying to America. Too bad, other Representatives don't have Joe's intestinal fortitude. Obama is just another dirty Chicago politician who deserves what he got.

  • In reply to Sportster2005:

    Obama was not lying.

    You should read Section 246 of the House bill. It is entitled "No Federal Payment For Undocumented Aliens".

  • In reply to EdNickow:

    Actually he will give coverage to illegals.

    Also before this term is up. I have a feeling he will be granting amnesty to these illegals. So yea at that point it will be true.

    Besides, these illegals will continue to get the same health care they get now in the ER. ER can not turn people away.

  • In reply to antuck:

    This is what that links says:

    "Asked by CBS News' Katie Couric in an exclusive interview whether illegal immigrants should be covered under a new health care plan, President Obama responded simply, "no." But he said there may need to be an exception to that policy for children."

    Yeah, Obama's such an ass for trying to treat children humanely.

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    Nice job of throwing the emotional side to this. As soon as he says there will be an exception then the bill will cover the illegals. Regardless of who they are.

  • Neither do I recall any such heckling of Bush by a member of Congress. I do remember Dick Cheney telling a United States Senator, on the floor of the Senate, to go fuck himself.

  • Maybe Rep.Joe Wilson should try to remember he's a sitting member of Congress, and not some irate radical political zealot at some out of control Townhall meeting. Show some respect for yourself, your office, and most of all, the office of the President of the United States.

  • I never said "illegal human being" you injected that. There are illegal aliens. And you already live in a country that doesn't act humane towards kids. I know of one little girl who broke her arm and had to wait a week for an insurance referral. All part of the IL kids insurance program. How humane is it to wait a week with a broken arm?

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