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Movember campaign

It’s almost Movember! That’s no typo. Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of facial hair to raise awareness of men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Check this out: A Movember participant, a “Mo Bro”, starts clean shaven and proceeds to let it grow all month, while collecting donations from friends and family. Want... Read more »

Old school HR department

Feministing posted a reader-submitted article on the practice of hiring women, circa 1943. It is, without a doubt, positively awful, and I read it wondering how our mothers and grandmothers avoided beating the snot out of anyone at work. But, I have to admit, it’s also pretty hilarious to even imagine. Stand-outs include: “Retain a... Read more »

Job Stalker on JobRadio!

Check out Job Stalker’s interview follow-up advice on!

Life & style link buffet

Foodies! I found some new, fabulous things today I thought I’d share: First, I was introduced today to CakeWrecks, which is exactly what it sounds like: cakes gone “horribly, hilariously wrong”. That includes the, um, naked mole rat cake, the Bud Lite can cake topper, and the cake with Wiggles the modesty car. Moving on:... Read more »

No heels at work?

Stumbled across this post over from Anyguey titled Red Alert: High Heels To Be Banned in The Workplace. The post describes a UK’s Trades Union Congress proposal to ban high heels in the workplace. To a nice shoeish girl like yours truly, this is a very discussion-worthy topic. So! Let us discuss. Heels at work:... Read more »

The claw game as a life outlook metaphor

I’m telling you, folks, more of this outside-the-box thinking is exactly what we need* in this world when it comes to solving problems and meeting our goals. The child is a innovator, I’m telling you! An innovator! See for yourselves: *If you, your child, your pet, your fraternity brother, your grandmother or anyone else gets... Read more »

Please welcome....

Please give a most gracious welcome to Etiquette Bitch, our newest blogger on ChicagoNow. 

Life & style week in review

New this weekThis week, we welcomed Marianna Swallow, Etiquette Bitch, to ChicagoNow’s Life and Style section, so do stop over and give her a nice warn welcome. And check out her fun Friday feature: Flashback Friday, where she will be posting vintage etiquette films and text. Lessons from Patrick SwayzeSadly, we lost Patrick Swayze this... Read more »

Top euphemisms for Patrick Swayze's death

I’m not sure why this is exactly, but it seems that as I’ve heard people discussing Patrick Swayze’s recent death, people mention that he was ill, that his ever-sunny attitude in the face of illness was positively sparkling, and that he has, in fact, died. But, I’m noticing a strange phenomena in which people somehow... Read more »

Patrick Swayze, in (tattoo) memoriam

Patrick Swayze has died at age 57. While it is sad news all around, I’d be willing to bet the person with this tattoo is positively inconsolable tonight. I wonder which other celebrities deaths are also on the horizon, waiting to upstage or be upstaged.