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Housewife Jacqueline Laurita Was Not A Stripper

Housewife Jacqueline Laurita Was Not A Stripper
Shortly before Christmas, InTouch Magazine published an article accusing “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jacqueline Laurita of making her living as a stripper. Our very own Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro has obtained exclusive proof that she worked hard to pay her bills in Sin City while working in a daycare –and not on a... Read more »

Sheen and Estevez Show Us 'The Way'

Sheen and Estevez Show Us 'The Way'
BY ALLISON RUPPINO ChicagoNow’s ‘Celebrity Magnet’ Tom Murro recently attended the New York City film premiere after-party for Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen’s new movie, “The Way”. Sheen, who received a Silver Hugo career achievement award at  the Chicago International Film Festival back in August , hosted the party along with Estevez. The festivities took... Read more »

Anni Rossi Live at the Hideout Chicago

Anni Rossi performed at the Hideout Thursday night in support of her new album, Heavy Meadow. 

The Power of Color in Web Design

In web design, informed color choices should never be taken for granted or overlooked. Poor color choice can have the exact effect of having a poorly layed-out website or poor design. It creates user frustration and avoidance, and since color is associated with emotion, your website, if improperly coordinated, can provoke an emotion you weren’t... Read more »

Integraphix: a blog about Design and Marketing

Integraphix, a local marketing company in Chicago is happy to announce that we’re launching a new blog HERE on ChicagoNow that focuses on Graphic Design, Web Design, and Internet/Social Media Marketing – we like to call it the 305 News, but for not it will be ChicagoNow Arts. The reason behind this blog is a... Read more »

"Suckerpunch" simply sucks, lacks punch

Some reviews you write to flesh out how you feel about movies. Some reviews you write because you want to talk about what you love about a movie or a director/costume designers/favorite actor. Other times you want to make absolutely sure that everyone knows that “Sucker Punch” sucks and they really need to avoid it.... Read more »

Review of "Jane Eyre"

I’m a hardcore costume geek. I will sit through a howling hound from hell if the costumes are gorgeous (“League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” is a classic example). I didn’t really go into “Jane Eyre” with any expectations beyond great costumes and yet another Bronte adaptation. I was very pleasantly surprised. It really exceeded my expectations.... Read more »

Day two of C2E2 was packed and absolutely bananas

Friday was pretty jam-packed and fun-filled from early morning to evening, so I decided to get a later start of it Saturday.  Walking the convention floor  starting at 10 a.m., taking in the odd panel and staying for the evening masquerade would be deranged and masochistic. I decided to show up at 2 p.m. and... Read more »

Miles Media Room is excited to be a part of Chicago Now!

Initially when I began blogging, I was using the Blogger format. What I like about Chicago Now is that now, I can blog with really cool bloggers and share my stories with a much bigger audience. I am a big fan of social network marketing, so being heard on different media platforms is really cool... Read more »

Pink Line Art in My Heart: My Love Affair with a Train Station

I am a stranger in your town.  I’m that wide-eyed tourist you may love or hate.  I run around your city, staring in amazement at things you pass by everyday.  Taking pictures. Lots of them. Attempting to blend in, acting nonchalant on the outside, while inside I’m screaming ‘Wow!!!!!!’.   My blog may cover things... Read more »