Sheen and Estevez Show Us 'The Way'

Sheen and Estevez Show Us 'The Way'

ChicagoNow's 'Celebrity Magnet' Tom Murro recently attended the New York City film premiere after-party for Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen’s new movie, "The Way".

Sheen, who received a Silver Hugo career achievement award at  the Chicago International Film Festival back in August , hosted the party along with Estevez.

The festivities took place in Manhattan’s Imperial No. Nine in the Soho Mondrian Hotel on Crosby Street. The screening of "The Way" was shown earlier that evening at the School of Visual Arts Theater, which was held to benefit the Walkabout Foundation and Luis Gonzalez-Bunster featuring former President Clinton as a guest speaker.

The Walkabout Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on finding a cure for paralysis. As part of their efforts to assist those in need, they donate wheelchairs to people all over the world. Luis Gonzalez-Bunster is a paraplegic and launched this cause after completing a 900 kilometer journey across the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, also known as “The Way of St. James." He became the first person in the history of Spain to cross the entire country using only the strength of his two arms.


Coincidentally, Sheen and Estevez had written, directed, and produced a movie about four strangers who walk the Camino to search for meaning in their lives. On a flight from London to Madrid, Gonzalez-Bunster met Estevez and discussed his journey as well as the actor’s new film. Estevez and Sheen were so moved by this man’s triumph as well as his successful launch of the Walkabout Foundation that they decided to offer the film’s New York premiere as an event to benefit this organization.


Murro not only learned all about this outstanding story, but got the chance to meet these inspiring individuals. “Martin and Emilio were both incredibly gracious,” said the Murro, “Martin Sheen even introduced me around to a few other guests. I couldn't resist asking him about his son Charlie, Mr. Sheen said simply, ‘He is doing well.’ I also had the chance to meet Luis Bunster who was also a very nice guy.”

Still time before the last ferry to Jersey, so around midnight, Murro headed over to the New York City hotspot 340-5th’s rooftop deck to meet good friend Food Network Chef Chris Nirschel and ex-"Jersey Shore" housemate Angelina Pivarnick for some cocktails. The group spent time enjoying sipping cocktails and seasonal apple cider,enjoying the breathtaking view of the Empire State Building,resting under the outdoor heat lamps, while sporting complimentary red robes given out by the lounge when the temperature drops.

Overall, the night was a success. How can one go wrong with supporting a charitable cause, meeting the men related to the one and only man with tiger blood, Charlie Sheen, and topping the night off with some apple cider? Now that is definitely “Winning” right there.



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