Housewives Of N.J. Reunion # 2

Housewives Of N.J. Reunion # 2

Pop culture blogger and self proclaimed Queen of gossip, Perez Hilton, hosted a celebration or more so a celebrity-ation of epic proportion last Thursday night, to benefit GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network).

The event was presented by OpenSky and titled "One Night in New York City." The bash took place in Hammerstein’s Ballroom and was filled with stars from all walks of media. These well-known faces included musical performers and TV personalities giving Perez and N.J.'s 'Celebrity Magnet' Tom Murro more material and photos to add to their galleries.

Some of the big names with big bank accounts in attendance included: Mary J. Blige, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie Ortiz Magro, Mike Nouveau, Boyz II Men, Sonja Morgan, Iggy Azalea and Karmin. In addition to that list, Murro arrived with Celebrity Chef Chris Nirschel and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s" Kim Granatell also known as “Kim G.”

“We encountered some unexpected guests when Kim G, Chris Nirschel, and I arrived at the Hammerstein’s backdoor entrance as we bumped into the estranged ‘BFF’ of Kim G’s son, Chris Manzo,” said Murro.

Chris was also there with sister Lauren Manzo, brother Albie Manzo, and roommate Greg Bennett. During this season of housewives, a rift occurred between the Manzos and Granatell while at a charity event held at the Gorga’s home.

“You could cut the tension with a dull knife,” explained Murro. “Kim G and the boys didn't speak a word to each other or even make eye contact. Every 'Housewives' fan in the room was whispering about Kim G and the Manzos being in the same room together.”

Thankfully the almost interaction amongst the Manzo's and Miss G ended quickly, as they did not run into each other the rest of the night.

Murro, Nirschel, and Granatell hung backstage chatting and posing for pictures with Perez, Ronnie Ortiz Magro, Boyz II Men, DJwhokid as Mary J. Blige and others performed. The one that surprised Murro the most was another “Jersey” TV personality, Ronnie. “He was a super nice guy and surprisingly so was Perez,” said Murro. “My buddy DJWhoo Kid was cool as always, wearing some serious ice on his necklace and watch. Darryl Strawberry was there too backstage chilling with a couple of friends.”

Although One Night in New York City was a success all it took was one Tweet from a New Jersey-an to add a drop of drama into the night’s pot. Granatell took to Twitter to express her thoughts of the Manzos after they had left the red carpet, “Interesting enough when their entourage is not with them all.. some people seem to remain very quiet... I guess we can say a little scared?”

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