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Integraphix, a local marketing company in Chicago is happy to announce that we're launching a new blog HERE on ChicagoNow that focuses on Graphic Design, Web Design, and Internet/Social Media Marketing - we like to call it the 305 News, but for not it will be ChicagoNow Arts. The reason behind this blog is a desire to inform ChicagoNow readers about different topics that aren't discussed as frequently here.

Integraphix is proud to join the blogosphere as another web, graphic and branding design company that is blogging about our expertise. We plan to provide ALL of our readers a fresh and modern perspective on web design, graphic design, search engine optimization and other artsy/design related subjects. We welcome suggestions about subjects you'd like to read about, questions you may have about our expertise and we'll write about it!

We're looking forward to building up the web design, graphic design and seo community here on ChicagoNow - don't by shy!


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