Feral cat taxidermied hat at Sept. 11th West Loop gallery openings

While I was out at the mess of art openings that my friend Liz Nielsen of Swimming Pool Project Space calls "the block party," I talked to artists, writers, curators and the like.The girl with the feral cat taxidermied hat was, by far, the weirdest person I found.


Girl wearing a custom-made hat made from the fur of a feral cat. Yep, she skinned it herself.

And here's a little video of her with the cat hat in action, along with three other ladies I met while gallery hopping. In the first video, I talk to Lea Schleiffenbaum and Magalie Guerin; in the second, I talk to Dutch exchange student Nora Halpern. Forgive the shoddy quality, friends--I was shooting on my Blackberry. Now I know better.


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  • Now I do not condone killing animals, however, there are a few feral cats in my neighborhood maybe she could make a coat out of. Just kidding, Interesting Hat. Thanks for the video
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  • In reply to Forextrading:

    Haha, now THAT would solve the problem of feral cats in Chicago. Just kidding.

  • In reply to Forextrading:

    Thanks but no thanks to the lady with the feral cat hat,I'll stick to my kangol.

  • "The girl with the feral cat taxidermied hat" is also a pretty great artist herself, Rebecca Beachy.

  • In reply to candice83:

    Cool! Thanks for the tip.

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