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Huge Pedestrian Bridge Coming to Indiana Dunes?

Huge Pedestrian Bridge Coming to Indiana Dunes?
The Indiana Dunes may soon be home to a massive pedestrian trail bridge, similar to this one in Nebraska (pictured above), that would take hikers and bikers from the town of Portage, Indiana to the shores of Lake Michigan, where they would be able to access the Indiana Dunes trail system. The bridge would be a... Read more »

Best Places to See Fall Leaves in Chicagoland, In the City and Beyond

“If I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns.” Fine words, from the fine English novelist George Eliot (who was in fact a woman, Mary Anne Evans). We only get one autumn in Chicago, and although the trees downtown aren’t exactly bursting with color yet, the suburbs certainly are. Unfortunately,... Read more »

Poet Releases "Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems"

The great Carl Sandburg once said “the Indiana Dunes are to the Midwest what the Grand Canyon is to Arizona and Yosemite is to California,” and now another poet has joined him in appreciating Chicagoland’s greatest wilderness. Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems, a haiku collection by Paula McHugh with illustrations by Michigan City artist Harold... Read more »