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Huge Pedestrian Bridge Coming to Indiana Dunes?

Huge Pedestrian Bridge Coming to Indiana Dunes?
The Indiana Dunes may soon be home to a massive pedestrian trail bridge, similar to this one in Nebraska (pictured above), that would take hikers and bikers from the town of Portage, Indiana to the shores of Lake Michigan, where they would be able to access the Indiana Dunes trail system. The bridge would be a... Read more »

Chicago Needs Your Help to Track Wild Bats

Chicago Needs Your Help to Track Wild Bats
In a creative new effort to track Chicago’s wild bat population, the Lincoln Park Zoo is asking you to keep an eye out for them. If you’re thinking, “we don’t have BATS in Chicago,” I’ll direct you to the photo above, which I took outside my Lincoln Park apartment last month. There are plenty of bats... Read more »

The Leaves Are Already Peaking at Starved Rock

If you want to see the falls and canyons of Starved Rock draped in the hues of autumn, you’d better get out there soon. Linda Kostler took this photo today, October 15, and submitted it to Tom Skilling’s Chicago Weather Blog.

Best Places to See Fall Leaves in Chicagoland, In the City and Beyond

“If I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns.” Fine words, from the fine English novelist George Eliot (who was in fact a woman, Mary Anne Evans). We only get one autumn in Chicago, and although the trees downtown aren’t exactly bursting with color yet, the suburbs certainly are. Unfortunately,... Read more »

Chicago Park District Board Meeting: Oct 10, 2012

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Photo Contest: Starved Rock Lodge

If you’ve got a great photo from Starved Rock State Park in Ottawa, Illinois, enter it for free in the Starved Rock Lodge’s photo contest, “In Touch With Your Natural Side.” The deadline for the competition isn’t until February 18, 2013, with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (a $50 gift card, brunch for... Read more »

Dead Birds Are On the Rise in Chicago, But Why?

Residents all over Chicago have been reporting a bizarre increase in bird carcasses over the last few weeks–most of them without any visible wounds–while the City of Chicago picked up 150 dead birds in September, a 50% increase from the month before. The phenomenon isn’t limited to a single species. Goldfinches have been found in... Read more »

Poet Releases "Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems"

The great Carl Sandburg once said “the Indiana Dunes are to the Midwest what the Grand Canyon is to Arizona and Yosemite is to California,” and now another poet has joined him in appreciating Chicagoland’s greatest wilderness. Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems, a haiku collection by Paula McHugh with illustrations by Michigan City artist Harold... Read more »

Ex-DuPage Forest Employees Charged with $150K Theft, District Sues to Recover Money

We reported on a possible forest preserve scandal several days ago, when the FBI joined the investigation, and now the state’s attorney’s office of DuPage County has officially charged two former forest preserve employees and their independent accomplice with stealing almost $150,000 from the taxpayer-funded Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. The employees were both part of the... Read more »

Cougar Spotted Just North of Chicago (Again)

Imagine this: it’s dark, you’re driving home with your family just 7 miles north of Chicago in Winnetka, on a quiet, oak-lined residential street. You think you spot a large dog by the side of the road, but when you get closer…it’s not a dog. Or even a coyote. It’s a cougar. No, not Courtney Cox,... Read more »