Poet Releases "Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems"

The great Carl Sandburg once said "the Indiana Dunes are to the Midwest what the Grand Canyon is to Arizona and Yosemite is to California," and now another poet has joined him in appreciating Chicagoland's greatest wilderness.

Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems, a haiku collection by Paula McHugh with illustrations by Michigan City artist Harold Neulieb, is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center in Porter, IN.

Local hikers have flocked 50 miles southeast of Chicago to the tree-covered Indiana Dunes for decades, but poet Paula McHugh's memories of the dunescape go all the way back to the summers of the 1950s, when she explored them with her father.

Her dune-inspired poetry collection began as a class assignment at Yavapai College in Cottonwood, Arizona, and is the first of a planned series of poetry chapbooks focused on specific geographic places.



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    Adam, thanks for this post and this book of haiku on the dunes. I'm trying to do something similar you might find interesting and related to this book and your blog. I'm working on a book about walking from Rogers Park to the Indiana Dunes. A profound pilgrimage through the history and landscape of the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Borders disappear when you walk as well as your ideas of what you thought you knew about this landscape. Beauty comes in odd places as well as moments of awe and rage. I teach creative writing at Columbia and Northwestern. I'll post your blog on my blog roll. Here's my blog: www.footpatterns.blogspot.com
    thanks Michael McColly

  • Wow, what a wonderful project! I would love to do a series of posts on your experience and your book. Your concept of mindful walking lines right up with my own attitude towards the outdoors (my bachelor's was in Philosophy and Eastern Religious Studies). Please keep me updated; I'll also gladly post "guest articles" if you'd like to write about the process yourself.

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