Anime Central Convention 2018

Anime Central Convention 2018

Review by Alex Lipp

Anime Central is the biggest anime convention in the Midwest area. This year, it took place on May 18th-20th. I’ve attended this convention every year since 2015 and it’s never failed to amaze me. The panels are always fantastic, the amount of work put into some people’s cosplays is phenomenal, and generally being around people into the same things as you is a good feeling! I honestly have nothing bad to say about this convention other than that I wish the group photoshoots were more organized post-con. My group and I attended a Star Wars photoshoot on Saturday about midday. The group organizer was not anticipating the amount of people who showed up and right off the bat we were all moved to the lobby right in front of the dealer’s room. Since the con, photos have still yet to surface online in any place and I hope this is not how it was with other photoshoots for other fandoms. Besides hoping to soon view the photos, it was all in all a great convention with great people and as usual. Hope to see all of you next year.

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