2017 Chicago Open Air

Open Air Fest is everything a fest should be,  it's a fest all others wish they could be and it sets the bar high in every aspect. The food is top notch, the beer is even better and the entertainment is non-stop.
This years installment of the annual Chicago Open Air Festival was put together amazingly well, featured something for everybody at every turn and kept the good times rolling from start to finish. It featured two huge main stages, superstar acts from past to present, tiki bars, free pinball machines, the fest did not disappoint. In between sets you could take time to learn to play instruments such as guitars or drums, or you can just relax in one of many comfortable bars and regroup after some head banging to the best rock and roll bands to ever grace the stage.
Open Air had everything from rock gods Kiss and Ozzy to the new metal sounds of Godsmack or the softer sounds of Stone Sour. The array of bands does not let you down and neither will the atmosphere.
This festival will be here for many years to come as they have figured its not just a music fest, its an experience. Open Air is one of the few surviving rock fest and it definitely proves that rock is not dead!!! It lives right here in Chicago.
See you next year Open Air.


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  • Great photos!

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