Award winning Children Author Nancy Gee reads at Ronald McDonald House

The award winning children author of “The Secret Drawer” Nancy Gee, read to the parents and children at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago Monday night.

It was a privelige to go with Nancy and her team. They were hoping for about 10 people and they were happy to see at least that many in attendance. There was a good mix of children and parents. A staffer named Kate, assisted with by showing the wonderfully illistrated pages. After her reading, Gee passed out flying squirrel puppets. The kids were able to examine them while Gee explained what she has learned about flying squirrels. The kids asked questions and looked forward to playing with and rereading the book again during their stay at the home.

Nancy Gee, from Orland Park, IL is a mother and grandmother, she told us how this her first book came about. Based on a true story of how a flying Squirrel entered her home when a painter left the door open while prepping for the days work. The Squirrel entered her husbands sock drawer where hunker down for three days under the watch care of the family cat. After three days when they had opened the drawer again the stowaway made his escape. They later captured the squirrel, took him outside. They watched as he jumped from the porch rail and glided 20 or so feet down to a near by creek reuniting with its fellow flying squirrels.

Her grandson would ask her often to write this story down, after 2 years of writing, the book came out in October 2014.

I have a signed copy of the book from the author, and look forward to reading this to my own grandkids. Thanks Nancy.

You can find Nancy’s book and the flying squirrel puppet on Amazon or at her website.

As for a rating for this type of an event, I would give it 5 tickets. This was a beautiful gesture of kindness, donating several copies of her book and the flying squirrel puppets. Great job Nancy!

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