David Dunn on the ice, a Faith and Fellowship Night concert

Singer/songwriter David Dunn took to the ice for a concert at Allstate Arena Saturday night after the Chicago Wolves beat the San Antonio Rampage 3-2 in an intense, down-to-the-wire, overtime game.

The concert by the K-LOVE Radio artist was part of the Wolves sixth Faith and Fellowship Night presented by Judson University. It was a night dedicated to providing church groups a memorable night of fun, fellowship, and song.

Kym Parker was there with her husband, Kenneth, who is youth pastor at Hinsdale Seventh Day Adventist Church. "There are about 10 of us here including our 10-year-old son, Zac, and other middle school and high school kids," Parker said. "It's a lot of fun," she added.

This was only the second time in Allstate Arena history that a concert followed a sporting event. The first occurred at last year's Faith and Fellowship Night when Citizen Way, a critically acclaimed Elgin-based band, performed after the Wolves defeated the Abbotsford Heat.

Dunn's pop/alternative rock music is infused with his life experiences, which include growing up in Texas, earning an engineering degree at Texas Tech University, and serving as a missionary in Africa. He appeared on season two of NBC-TV's "The Voice," and last year signed with BEC Recordings, releasing his album "Crystal Clear," making his debut on the national stage.

About 500 fans  migrated to the south side of the arena to see the postgame show, which was performed on a portable stage that was pushed onto the ice.

Dez Owen, from K-LOVE Radio, thanked the audience for coming out to the hockey game and staying for the show then introduced Dunn, who sported much more hair than he had in his promo pic.

"I love your hair," a few girls in the audience shouted.

Dunn shared that this was only the second hockey game he has seen. "I'm still a bit confused," he said with a chuckle before shedding  his brown hoodie to unveil a "Dunn" Wolves jersey, which he wore for the rest of the show.

The tall Texan has said his lyrics usually come from what he's been learning in life, so he shared some stories about how he came to write songs such as his first radio single, "Today is Beautiful."

The inspiration for "Today is Beautiful" came during a family trip to Disney World, Dunn said.  It's supposed to be "The Happiest Place on Earth," but this particular day was not so happy for his nephew, who had a complete meltdown because  his older sister refused to let him push the stroller with his younger brother in it.

"If we just lift our eyes and see things from God's perspective, instead of our own, we will see it as an opportunity to learn, or realize that thing that seems like such a big deal is really just a stroller that your big sister won't let you push," Dunn said before playing the song that is a favorite of 14-year-old Mikayla McWethy.

Unfortunately, McWethy and her family left about 10:30 p.m. because "we have a two-and-a-half-hour drive home," said Mom, Vickie McWethy. "And I am singing in church tomorrow morning," Mikayla added. The McWethy's, of Amboy, IL, won four Faith and Fellowship Night tickets through K-LOVE Radio and are "huge fans" of Dunn. They hated to leave half-way through the show, but the game going into overtime made the concert run too late.

Perhaps that was the case for many, especially those with younger kids, who left after the first few songs.

Nonetheless, a good crowd remained for the rest of Dunn's show, which included songs such as "Ready to Be Myself," "Ode" and "This is For You" from his independent albums as well as "Have Everything" from Crystal Clear.

I enjoyed the show, but from where I was sitting it seemed like the sound was off, perhaps a bit too loud as it was hard to understand him, even when he was talking. I overheard a woman comment on the distortion as well. "Maybe it was because he was playing on the ice, but you can tell he has a great voice," she said.

That he does, and I'm sure we will be hearing more about Dunn, whose main goal is “to tell the truth, and do it in a beautiful way.”

We give this performance three guitar rating, not because David wasn't good it was difficult to understand with the sound issues.
Three guitar rating

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