Where to begin

Where does one start when embarking on such an adventure, well let’s start at the beginning. So here goes.

It was a dark and stormy night in November….wait a minute, that’s to far back, how about a little more recent.

Growing up in the 80's in a lower middle class family, I never attend any concert like my friends. Even into my adult life, being in law enforcement, just didn't afford me the time to attend major events and concerts. It wasn’t until I retired that my career path began its transformation.

After retirement, I went into a career as a web designer/development. I ran a small web design/development firm from my home. Clients would request shopping cart with product photos. Some of the photos provided, were of a poor quality, so I began providing a quality product photos service.  Thus my photography career got started.

After a few years of honing my skills with a point-n-shoot camera, I was reaching the limits with them and I need something better. So, I bought my first DSLR camera and started photographing our local church activities, local police/fire activities and other events. During this time, I tried to get my work published by local papers, and they would politely turn me down. During a motorcycle event I was photoing, I met "Gary' a freelance photographer for a local paper.  I had many question I asked "Gary" and he was kind enough to answer them.  Over the days and months ahead, he gave great advice and instilled in me the confidence to keep trying to get published.

So after months of trying, I did get my first photo assignment for a local news service, they wanted us to cover a local Battle of the Bands contest. After they published our work, we continued to get more assignments, and the rest is history.

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Matt Medlen
aka MattMedlenPhoto

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