Lists that Don't Actually Matter

Lists that Don't Actually Matter

This is a title I totally ripped off of my friend, T.r. Slyder, whose blog is entitled, Lists that actually matter. It’s hilarious and one of my favorite blogs. It’s funny that many of my Chicago Now friends seem to have AD/HD. It makes sense as to why each of them are brilliant, hilarious, and fun. Not to mention ridiculously good looking.

Anyway, someone with ADD recently asked me if I love making “To Do” lists without ever actually accomplishing anything on them. He said he loves making master lists and perfecting the “ultimate list,” but once he writes the list out he never thinks about it again. I thought about it and realized that list-making is one of my favorite past times. You know, like, anything from the simple to complex. Things like re-upholstering that old chair you’ve been meaning to finish, going back to school, traveling through South America, setting up a retirement portfolio, or painting your bedroom hot pink. Whatever! It’s so amazing and every fiber in your body may feel motivated to complete the list from beginning to end!

But then… I don’t know what happens…. I guess life happens. Maybe you complete one or two if you’re lucky, or maybe you throw the list to the side and never look at it again. I can’t think of anything more boring than reading old lists I’ve made, let alone completing them. But I never stop writing new lists.

Something I’d like to adopt is adding an action to the list while creating it. For example, if the goal is travel to South America, the action I list with it is to set up a separate savings account with an automatic transfer of $100 a week. Then give myself a timeframe to complete that action, like within one week, and reward myself once it’s complete. Massage? New Earrings? Something small-ish that tickles your fancy should do.

My question for you is: AD/HD or not, what is on your list? What have you been procrastinating and putting off in your life?

What’s the thing that weighs the heaviest? What is the hardest item to complete? The biggest dream on your list? The smallest? The funniest?

I just started a facebook page for my blog and I'm gonna share mine there. If you think of something post it now or never, below or on facebook.


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