Holiday Shopping with ADHD

Holiday Shopping with ADHD

If you have AD/HD you probably fall into one of two categories around the holidays....

The first: You LOVE Christmas and Christmas shopping! It's so fun! You get heart palpitations when you see Macy's sneaking up decorations even before Halloween. Why should we wait?! We can celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving while enjoying christmas music, can't we?! You, my AD/HD friend, stalk the sales in the paper and jump up and down and lose your mind on black friday like I did the day I met Gollum from Lord of the Rings. (Okay, technically it was the actor who played Gollum in LOTR, Andy Sirkus, but no one ever knows who that is (unless they're super cool)). You start off strong, with every intention of finishing your shopping early. But at some point it becomes overwhelming and you hit a wall. You didn't come up with a full plan because you were too distracted by your excitement to pay attention to detail. Plus, you had to snag a few of those great deals for yourself, so your budget suffered a few last minute adjustments.

Or, you fall into the second category, and you get easily agitated when you see the first signs of Christmas coming. The stress, the lines, the traffic, the cost, the parties, the shoppinggggggggg. Ughhhhh. Maybe you're no Scrooge McDuck, but you have a rational, realistic perspective on the consumerism that's consumed the holidays. You ignore and reject shopping until the very last minute. Crap! These people are gonna get stuff for me, so I better get them something. What the hell do they want? You have no idea where to start and the motivation to figure it out only shows up at the very last minute, when your brain turns to mush and you make highly irrational choices. Buying Grandma a shakeweight sounds like a fun idea until you're there to see her use it.

I suppose I fall into a little bit of each category. I love the lights and cheese, but I usually get frustrated and put off the majority of my shopping after purchasing the two good gift ideas I came up with. As the years have gone on, I've found myself to be a little more jaded with the holiday shopping experience. The thought of getting gifts I don't particularly need or want is just as bad as the stress of buying random crap for picky people, or people who "have everything." No more excuses, though. I want to have a holly jolly Christmas this year!

Alright, AD/HDer's, time's a runnin' out! Let's do this thang. I talked to a professional and here are some tips specific to us:


1) Have a plan.          Know who you are shopping for - make lists, and be specific!
2) Have a budget.      Know what you can spend - be conservative and NO CREDIT CARDS.
3) Have a system.      Know how you will shop - online, in store, ebay.  Also, if shopping online set time limits.
4) Have a snack -       Don't do any of the above on an empty stomach.
5) Have a workout -   Exercise before planning and shopping.
6) Have fun -             Enjoy the joy of giving without setting yourself up for regrets.

Before making online purchases, walk away from the computer and come back later.  When shopping in stores, bring someone who can reel you in before you buy something....questionable.

And, finally, don't get too worked up about it all that you forget what the holidays are really about: binge drinking, eating shit and stealing the best brown elephant gift from anyone weaker or more intoxicated than you.

Maybe you should consider gifting or settin up a few post-holiday training sessions with the guy who gave us this great list! Much thanks to Dave Bauer of Integrated Fitness.

Good luck to all! Happy Holidays!

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