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10 New Year's Tips to Help Your Kids Eat Healthier

It’s the New Year, and likely you’re starting it right by eating better than ever. I know that I am. I’d urge you not to forget the kids when shoring up the resolve to eat better and stock up on more fruit and veggies. Think they are hopeless? Think again. Use this blog site to... Read more »

Halloween Be Damned: How I Say No to Candy

I’ll never forget that Halloween. My girls were about 4 and 2, and dressing up, walking up steps, and knocking on doors was the goal. The candy was the sidebar. Sure, it was fun watching neighbors add to their stash, but once home it was about looking at their piles, yawning, and then passing out.... Read more »

It's Never Too Late For Your Kids to Eat Healthier

As I continue to talk about healthy eating and kids (NPR this week), I always get one pressing question, “Is it too late for my kids?” I can understand that for a parent who has not focussed on healthy eating at home, the prospect of turning things around can be overwhelming. You feel like you almost... Read more »

Picky Eaters: Environmental vs. Innate

Last week, I received an email from a producer with NPR’s Tell Me More. It read, “I’m reaching out to see if you’re interested in next week’s parenting roundtable – we’re talking about picky eaters. How much do you think picky-ness is innate vs. environmental?” When I called her within 2 seconds of receiving the... Read more »

How I Lost 10 Pounds in 2013: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is a blog about feeding your kids healthy foods and keeping them on the right food track. But, I’d argue, how can you truly do that without first taking care of yourself? November 2012 I truly came face-to-face with this thought. That I could talk about eating healthier, getting exercise, being healthy all I... Read more »

Green Juice the Indian As Apple Pie Way

I love my green juice, with just the right Indian touches. Here’s my recipe. I know you’ve been asking for it! I will be including it in my next cookbook, Indian For Everyone, which will be published in Fall 2014. I hope in the meantime you’ll pick up my other books, The Indian Slow Cooker and Vegan Indian Cooking,... Read more »

How DO You Get the Little Ones to Go For the Veggies?

This past week, we had dinner at a friend’s house. It was a great night. She went way out of her way to make delicious homemade pizzas, pasta, and a few other sides for the kids – including the best homemade french fries I’ve ever tasted. They ate. They liked it. And that was that.... Read more »

Baked Pakoras: Healthy Kid-Friendly Savory Cupcakes

If you have ever had Indian food you know the pakora. Served as an appetizer, it’s a nugget of deliciously earthy chickpea flour, crunch, and spices mixed together and dolloped into hot oil – fried to perfection and served with chutney on the side. If you love pakoras and are watching your weight and health,... Read more »

What to do When Your Kid Tells You She Hates Salad

As we chopped lettuce and cucumbers this week for dinner, my 8 year-old declared, “I hate salad!” My knife almost fell out of my hand and straight into my heart. At the very least, these kids know how to get you where it truly hurts the most. And for me – someone who quit her... Read more »

Why You Should be Obsessed With Quinoa! Pair it With Basmati Rice

Everyone seems to be eating it, but you have yet to figure out what Quinoa is and why you need to include it in your diet, right? Don’t worry, I was where you are right now about 2 years ago when I discovered this tiny seed, pronounced keen-wa. But, now that I have, dinners have never... Read more »