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How I Lost 10 Pounds in 2013: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is a blog about feeding your kids healthy foods and keeping them on the right food track. But, I’d argue, how can you truly do that without first taking care of yourself? November 2012 I truly came face-to-face with this thought. That I could talk about eating healthier, getting exercise, being healthy all I... Read more »

Are We Entertaining Our Kids to Sheer Stupidity?

About a dozen times a day when they are not in school and half that when they are, my kids say, …”Mom. I’m bored – what should I do?” If I was the mom I was 2 years ago, likely after hearing it for the third or fourth time, I would pull out my iPhone... Read more »

Think Your Kid is a Picky Eater? Keep it to Yourself!

At a recent signing for my second cookbook, Vegan Indian Cooking, I was in a Williams-Sonoma whipping up an Indian eggplant dip with pita chips. As I cooked and explained my steps and ingredients, a crowd gathered. Right in front of me was a little girl around the same age as my ten year old. Her big... Read more »

Stop Killing My Kids With Your Kindness: I'll Return the Favor, Promise

On a recent rant on my Facebook page, I once again expressed my ongoing frustration with the rest of the world – friends, family, and everyone else that comes into my kids’ daily life and feels the need to inject them with sugar. It’s been happening from the moment they were born. When my older... Read more »

What's For Dinner, Mommy? I love My Kids, I Just Hate Feeding Them

I taught a class for some young Robert Morris University culinary students recently when they made me take pause. As I introduced myself as I’ve done hundreds of times now, I talked about being a television reporter. I had really young girls. My husband traveled all the time. I was overwhelmed trying to get them... Read more »