Anupy Singla is an award-winning journalist turned foodie turned cookbook author.

You might remember her as the morning reporter for CLTV or business reporter for WGN and Bloomberg Television.

Though she will always be a reporter at heart, Anupy's first love was Indian cooking. She learned from her grandfather, mother, and many other relatives over the years, and by traveling through India and various kitchens.

In 2005, Anupy gave up her TV career to cook. She had two little girls and realized that life was too hectic - especially with a traveling consultant of a husband - to consistently get all the Indian dishes she grew up with on the table. So, she decided to quit her day job and basically not only cook every Indian recipe she grew up - but also feed these dishes to her young girls to see how they would react. Would they love Indian food by the end of this experiment or just long for the shortcuts to dinner that they were getting before?

What resulted was a live, human experiment on her blog, www.indianasapplepie.com ... and a template for her cookbook career.

Anupy's first book, The Indian Slow Cooker, was released in Sept. 2010 and has since consistently ranked No. 1 Indian cookbook on Amazon. Her second book, Vegan Indian Cooking, was released in June 2012 and immediately ranked in the top 10 Indian cookbooks on Amazon. On most days, the two books hold the No. 1 and 2 spots in this esteemed category. Not an easy feat!

Now wildly popular among Indian food lovers, www.indianasapplepie.com consistently offers advice on all things Indian food. Anupy also developed a unique spice box, The Spice Tiffin, which is now sold through her website and Williams-Sonoma stores, and sells Indian spices through her site, offering users a one-stop shopping opportunity for Indian foods.

Through her various writing and television opportunities, Anupy hopes to continue to educate the masses on healthy, delicious, homestyle Indian cooking. Her approach is all from a reporter's perspective: to offer you the facts, and let you make the decision on how to take them use them to fit your lifestyle.

Chicagoan as Apple Pie provides Anupy a platform to show you the busy mom and dad that getting your kids to eat healthy ethnic foods is literally at your fingertips. You just need to employ some creativity, some patience, and of course fresh, healthy ingredients.

If you and your kids are ready for some changes at the dinner table, check out this website. It may just change your life.