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January thaw

January thaw
Cold weather has been in the news to start this new year. Thanks to climate change, it’s warmer in Alaska than in parts of the Lower 48 states. Sleet fell in Houston,  and  snow fell in Georgia. A massive Nor’easter hit Boston and New York. Meteorologists are giving tutorials on layering. Warming  shelters are opening in Atlanta.  Bombogenesis and bomb... Read more »

Paperwhite narcissus--winter flowers

Paperwhite narcissus--winter  flowers
Before I had a cat, every winter I would grow  paperwhite narcissus bulbs. Paperwhite narcissus are related to the yellow daffodils of spring. They are native to the western Mediterranean, from Greece to Portugal, Morocco and Algeria. They grow from bulbs, forming grassy foliage and wonderfully fragrant flowers. WARNING– Bulbs  are poisonous to cats!  If you want to... Read more »