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supercell storms -- fast and furious

supercell storms -- fast and furious
Summer storms can be sudden and scary–on Sunday, the sky turned dark at 3 in the afternoon. Lollapalooza  was evacuated, due to the weather. Performances were rescheduled due to the delay. A tent collapsed in Wood Dale.  Sadly, one person was killed. The most damage was in Rogers Park–rain, lightning, hurricane force winds, large hail,... Read more »

Be careful out there--stormy weather safety

With the 4th of July approaching, and festival season in full swing, it’s time for summer  fun.  Concerts, a day at the beach, picnics in the forest preserves, camping, hiking, boating, baseball, there are so many ways to enjoy being outdoors. But along with  summer comes severe weather season. Monday’s powerful storms are an example–thunder... Read more »

Lightning Safety Tips

Lightning  Safety Tips
News flash–June 22- 28 is Lightning Awareness Week.  The National Weather Service wants to help people become more aware of the dangers of lightning, especially during the summer months, when thunderstorms are more likely to occur.  Lightning is one of the most powerful natural forces on earth. Lightning is a discharge of static electricity from the... Read more »

In Case of Severe Weather

The Chicago area is under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, with possible hail and damaging winds. A  thunderstorm is one of the beauties of summer, here, for sure.  But are you prepared in the event of more severe weather?  What about your kids and pets? Let’s review– in the case of a tornado, here is  this excellent... Read more »

Five Classic Weather Questions----The Answers May Surprise You

When it comes to weather, there are endless questions!  I thought I would  investigate a few that we think we already know the answers to.  I  tried to use some different sources, not just Wikipedia, and I hope you  find reading  this as much fun as I did  doing the research.  Let’s get started, shall... Read more »

Rain Delay

We enter the severe weather season with thunderstorms and  high winds early this morning overturning semis in Ogle County. This evening, in the cold and damp, a green mist of opening buds on the lilac bushes, and  two rabbits almost the same color as the brown leaves. The Cubs second night game is cancelled due... Read more »