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12 Gifts of Winter

Welcome to winter, Chicago–you forgot what it’s like, didn’t you?  Well, winter came early this year, JUST LIKE THE FARMERS ALMANAC PREDICTED!!!!!   You may remember I wrote a post about that, back in August, was it? Anyway, it was in the middle of a heat wave. Who wanted to think about snowpants then?! Well,... Read more »

Please Dress for the Weather

This is a public service announcement.  I’ll keep  it short and simple, I know your time is valuable, and why bore others needlessly? Please dress for the weather! The  five-day forecast is not just for old farmers (although according to Pew Research Center, interest in the weather does skew older). We all share this weather... Read more »

Many Weathers

There’s days when the sky never stops, a blue so clear and transparent, you can almost see the future through it.  That sky is sharp, March blue. March is many weathers, almost but not quite spring. We feel indecisive, too. We want to put away the heavy stuff, the blacks and grays that kept us... Read more »