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Mad as the Mist and Snow

Mad as the Mist  and Snow
  When I think of blizzards, I remember the wild and terrifying beauty of the thundersnow, and the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011.  It was  a powerful force of nature. I was reminded of this poem by William Butler Yeats.  It’s been years  since I read it. It has changed,  and I have changed.  I... Read more »

It was Snowzilla, the Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon---the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011

It was Snowzilla, the Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon---the Groundhog Day Blizzard  of 2011
It was called Snowzilla, the Snowpocalyspe, and Snowmageddon.  If you were in Chicago, you will never forget the Groundhog Day Blizzard. It  began on  February 1  and lasted through  February 2, 2011. Chicago experienced  as much as two feet of snow and blizzard conditions, with winds of over 60 mph. The  official record at O’Hare Airport was... Read more »

Blue Mondays All Week

Blue Mondays  All Week
Here it is, the third week of January,  historically the coldest week of the year.   Yes, it was  really cold. Not polar vortex cold like the past two  years, not cold as interstellar space, which, according to the Adler Planetarium ad is  -454 degrees Fahrenheit,  but  cold enough to remind us that it does... Read more »

Snow and subzero---winter as we know it

Snow and  subzero---winter as we know it
Snow, and subzero is winter as we know it here. Time to get out all the layers. When  Chiberia returns,  the chic Chiberians get out the snow pants, the sweatpants, the  fleece-lined pants. They pile on as many extra layers as they can.  They mix and match. They add colors, too.  There is Chiberian chic.... Read more »

Wintry Mix Monday

Wintry Mix Monday
What a combination– A Monday after a holiday weekend, and a wintry mix that caused traffic delays, hundreds of flight cancellations  and  power outages in the Chicago area.  Winds off the Lake churned up  high waves, and flood advisories. A wintry mix sounds like something you’d make for  a holiday party–something to go with the... Read more »

December solstice--light in the dark

December solstice--light in the dark
The hours of daylight  grow shorter, as we count down to  the  winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  The  solstice will occur on December 22, at  04:48 Universal Time.   For those  of us in the Central Time Zone in North America, the solstice will occur on  December 21, at 10:48 p.m. At the December... Read more »

Paperwhite narcissus--winter flowers

Paperwhite narcissus--winter  flowers
Before I had a cat, every winter I would grow  paperwhite narcissus bulbs. Paperwhite narcissus are related to the yellow daffodils of spring. They are native to the western Mediterranean, from Greece to Portugal, Morocco and Algeria. They grow from bulbs, forming grassy foliage and wonderfully fragrant flowers. WARNING– Bulbs  are poisonous to cats!  If you want to... Read more »

Friday Night Snow

Friday Night Snow
First snow of the season, slowly falling  on the summer chairs. Snow on grassy areas and fallen maple leaves.   Snow on the branches and  the mulberry leaves. It  isn’t surprising, is it?  As much as 6-8 inches overnight  was predicted. And yet, it seems like the first time, just for a moment, the  wonder... Read more »

Global and Local

We huddle  together at the bus stops, in the wind and rain.  For a moment we feel a common bond as warm-blooded creatures, fragile on this earth. Headlines are full of the names of the dead–Paris, Beirut, Yemen,  South Lawndale–around the world and across the street. Like weather, news is global and local. Meanwhile, the... Read more »

The Winds of November

It’s been 40 years since the wreck  of the Edmund Fitzgerald, the ore ship that went down in  a storm on Lake Superior near Whitefish Bay, Michigan  on November 10, 1975.  All  29 crew members  were lost. The tragic story of the Edmund Fitzgerald is immortalized  in the song by Gordon Lightfoot,  which was first... Read more »