Severe Weather Alert

Severe Weather Alert
Wikimedia/ National Weather Service

As if 2020 couldn't get more scary, there's a line of very strong storms heading for Chicago--

Here's the timing from NWS Chicago--

These are wind gusts 100 mph. trees down in Iowa, and multiple power outages. Take precautions as you would for a tornado. Don't forget your phone, kids, pets, and your weather radio.

Be safe!

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  • Thank you for a public service here. Gee, things aren't messed up enough -- let's soak them!

  • Thanks for reading! It's very bad in Iowa-- 70 mph wind gusts reported--and power outages.

  • At first I was going to attribute it to Skilling, but it is the Storm Prediction Center is the one that categorizes severe weather alerts. It doesn't seem to make sense that Moderate is more than Enhanced, and if it takes this much reading to decode the system, it isn't that helpful.

    Anyway, Weather Bug just popped up 2 alerts ("Severe Thunderstorm Warning" and "Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert"), and it just turned dark, so I guess I will stay in.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for reading, Jack. This is a derecho situation--they are reporting high winds--and tornados have been spotted, as well. I'm so glad you have multiple ways to receive weather alerts. Take care and stay safe!

    Update--tornado sirens just sounded in Oak Park at 3:45--wind and torrential rain!

  • The confirmed tornado in Rogers Park reignited the question whether the Lake knocks down tornadoes. Not this time.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes! There was a waterspout, too.

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