Midwinter---tracks in the snow and signs of spring

Midwinter---tracks in the snow and signs of spring

A dusting of snow overnight, wet snow clinging to the evergreens, bare branches and  seed heads.   The  snow is already melting on the sidewalks, but there are still tracks of  those who have passed this way--

patterns of tire tracks in the streets

the treads of winter boots, big ones and little ones, coming and going

dog foot prints

little cat  feet

There are also the tracks of wild creatures--



bird tracks, like calligraphy

maybe even a mouse,  an opossum or a raccoon

And in the bare trees, last year's  nests remain.  The large and messy ones high in the trees were made by squirrels.

And on the bare branches, already, the buds of spring.





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  • From the morning traffic reports: skid marks on black ice.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks so much for reading, Jack. Yes, many traffic accidents today. The sidewalks are icy and treacherous, too!

  • Thank you for such a poetic post. I will come back to cool off -- I was going to say this summer, but with the climate as it is, maybe this weekend!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thank you for reading! Yes, the snow is gone, but winter isn't over, yet...

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