30 Days Wild --day 25

30 Days Wild --day 25
wild rose

Note--due to technical difficulties I mentioned in my previous  post, I have been unable to post these every day.  Thank you for reading and your patience!

What is the fragrance  of a rose, can you describe it?  Is it  like all summer in a day, a concentrated essence?

The full moon of June is also called the Rose Moon, the first of the summer moons.  The full moon that coincided with the summer solstice is past full, now, and the gardens are full of roses.

There are hundreds of species of the family Rosaceae, heirlooms and  artful hybrids of shrub roses and climbing roses. There are the dark red roses of  perfect romantic bouquets.  There  are countless well-known,  named hybrids.  There are so many colors in addition to the familiar  red, pink,  yellow, and white rose flowers.

Like the many-petalled lotus in Buddhist writings, the rose is often seen as  a symbol of   infinity and love---for example, the white unfolding rose  of  God that Dante described in the final lines of the Paradiso--"the love that moves the sun and the other stars."

And what of the wild rose, the many-thorned variety that has no name except for  rose?   Here is a simple flower,  beloved of bees.  I  love it too,  for its artlessness and imperfection, its wild, untamed beauty.

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